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Quality is given paramount importance in Sainsons. The brand acceptibility of the group is attributed to the traditional conformance of the quality- right at the shop floor itself. Each component passes through a stringent quality control test right from the stage of design. With years of expertise in the field, the company takes utmost care to supply expertly designed products at competitive price. SAINSONS is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the following Products: - 1. Scaffoldings & Bicycle Parts 2. Hex Bolts 3. Brace Lock 4. Hand Drill Machine 5. Hub Cones 6. Cups 7. Fasteners 8. Hand & Allied Tools 9. Bicycles 10. Components & Spares 11. Hex Nut Cold Forged 12. Hand Jack 13. Brick Bolster - Woodworking Chisels Established in 1987 Sainsons entered in the export horizon in the year 1991. The company is anchored firmly on sound ethics and unanswered commitment to the customer. Our products are of high quality and at great prices. Come and join the many customers who have experienced and benefited from our services. Please contact us to find out more. Thank you for visiting and look forward to meeting your requirements.

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