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Yanlong Hardware Decoration Co., Limited

Yanlong Hardware Decoration Co., Limited is a large manufacturing enterprise in professional producing all kinds of Yangjiang hardware products--Knives, Scissors, BBQ tools, Garden tools, kitchenware, Manicure sets, Bathracks, Clothes racks, can opener, eggbeater, champagne opener etc. combined with relative box/cases. Such as Aluminium beauty case, iron cases, PVC case, gift packing boxes, Clear Perspex vanity case, Knives &scissors Case, Barbecue case, Aluminium flight case with trolley,Attache Case, storage cases and any other aluminium cases.

And the quality are guaranteed, Price are REASONABLE. We have powerful ability to ensure prompt delivery. Welcome all customers from domestic and abroad come to visit us, and order our items. Our Principle is: The Products of same quality, our price are the most excellent;The products of the same price ,we offer the best price.

We also offer OEM and ODM services! Contact us right now.

Products by Yanlong Hardware Decoration Co., Limited

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Yanlong Hardware Decoration Co., Limited,
Miss Wang Shirley,
No. K-5, Jinshan Road, N., Yangjiang City, Guangdo,
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