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Caesar knitting Co. Ltd

Caesar Knitting Co.Ltd is lo cated in the commecial center of Yiwu city, one of china??????'s prime centers of manufacturing underwear. Our company manufactures seamless underwear and knitting underwear, such as:bras,boxes,briefs,tank top,sportwear and nigthwear ect.

We are more than 5 years to develop the seamless underwear and 10 years to develop the knitting. Our company possess many designers and the most advanced machines in the world, with more than 30 santonis seamless knitting machines,flainox dyeing machines,tecnopea dyeing machines and different types of sewing machines.we have specialy devise department.

We can offer a wide selection of styles in the widest rang of sized and colour for men and women. Contact us for more information.

Products by Caesar knitting Co. Ltd

mens breifs
We??????re one factory based in "the commerce center of world "yiwu city and one of china prime centers of manufacture seamless underwear.we have been suplying wide variety of high quality products(seamless bras,seamless mens boxers,seamless briefs,womens pants, , and sportwear and so on.) we key products are seamless underwear and bras, our all products are high quality and they are populer among customer with high demand. we are more than 5 years to develop the seamless underwear and the leader manufacture in the knitting underwear 10 years .helped us gain significant experience and knowledge in producing .we propose a quick and complete service with pripation and delivery of goods adapted to each customer.we offer high quality products,competion prices and our dependable. If you prepare do the shopping seamless underwear or knitting underwear, please do not hesitate to contact us phone or e-mail.caesar knitting co.,ltd steven


womens pants
We are Caesar knitting CO.,Ltd with located in ?????The commecial center of world?????yiwu city and one of china??????s prime centers of manufacture underwear.we can make the creation of new products more effections We are products have seamless underwear and kintting underwear,uncluce ;seamless briefs,string mens box ,panty ,underwear top,bra,slip,gallus top so on.we can offer a wide selection of styles in the widest rang of sized and colour for men and women.also,we welcome to the OEM. Our only use highest material,to products the goods.such as:COTTON,SILK, TERYCENE SPANDEX,NYLON etc.we are have speciatly devise department,lay out a series of style underwear yearly for customer and for you.our have strong products capanility put goods southeast Asia,America,Australia etc on the market. From design and production to the distribution,we provide a perfect production line to our locals and oversas clients If you do the shopping seamless underwear anytime cantact me,also ,we are comfident that you will find Caesar Knitting Co.,LTD one of the best company. in your supplier. Becase us can help you achieve your goals,offer for you best product---seamless underwear. we look forward to with you together.


Contact Information:
Caesar knitting Co. Ltd,
Mr. steven liu,
General Manager,
256#build chengzhong west road,
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