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Dalian Huaying Yada Wood Co. Ltd

Dalian Huaying Yada Wood Co. Ltd are one of the manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of wooden products in China, handling this line of business for more than ten years.

We have been exporting our products to more than 30 countries all over the world, and enjoyed very high reputation!

The main items supliable at present are:
Wooden Toothpicks,
Wooden Chopsticks,
Wooden Disposable Cutlery,
Wooden Ice Cream Sticks and Spoons,
Wooden Coffee Stirrers,
Wooden Coffee Spoons,
Wooden Tea Spoons,
Wooden and Bamboo Skewers,
Wooden Frill Picks,
Wooden Tongue Depressors,
Wooden Cotton Swab
Wooden Cervical Scrapers,
Wooden Cocktail Picks ,
Wooden Golf Tee,
Wooden Clothes Peg,
Wooden Baseball Bat,
Wooden Craft Pen
Wooden Toys and so on.

Should any of our products be of interest to you, please feel free to contact with us! We will be pleased to get to know the importers who will distribute our products to their territory!

Products by Dalian Huaying Yada Wood Co. Ltd

wooden toothpicks
We are in a good position to produce all kinds of wooden toothpicks such as: 1.Paper wrapped toothpicks with or without logo printing 2.Cello wrapped toothpicks 3.Mint flavor wooden toothpicks. The size of our toothpicks can be: 1. 2.0 x 65mm , 2.2 x 65mm , 2. 2.0 x 68mm, 2.2 x 68mm, 3. can be single point or double point. The packing for toothpicks can be: 1. in paper box 2. in tub 3. in bulk


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