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Mariam Group

We are Mariam Group Global Trade& Services, we can supply various commercial services such as purchasing, selling, sale agent, buying agency, commercial agent, information consultation, arrange production, quality checking, shipping,.. Etc.

If you want to make an investment in Egypt, we can offer commercial agent, information consultation, service for life to you;
If you want to purchase the goods in Egypt, we can be as your purchasing agent; If you have goods to need selling in Egypt and The Middle East, we can become your sales agent.

We believe in sincerity, because this is the foundation that we survive. Egypt has the largest population in the Middle East, and the third largest population in Africa. It is a whole market in itself. Development projects, tax laws for new industrial areas, free ports and free internet access are only some of the efforts made in Egypt to get ready for the world market A growing variety of Egyptian products is becoming a true alternative!

You can get everything, from Plastic Bottles, over Luffa sponges up to software development. Especially famous is also Egyptian Marble and don't forget the agricultural products. Egypt is a rich country. Rich in history, rich in natural beauties, but also rich in business. Egypt can be your supplier right at your doorstep! Due to its geographical location Egypt is the perfect hub to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. And Egypt has a whole variety of products to offer: Of course it is not possible, to present all Egyptian products on these pages. Still we decided to give you a slight idea of what there is.

We have good experience in the marketing field here in Egypt and Internationally, the trade process and conceptual modeling about the trading process also we have our work at electronic commercial and the design of sale-sites(electronic marketplaces) with relationship with our sister company. At present we are in relationship with Nectar International for Cosmetics& ladies lingerie it's based in N. Ireland for arrangement of Agents in many countries also we are in relationship with 2 Companies that supplying the Iraqian Government with some products one of it based in Jordan and the other based in Egypt called Orange Telecom that have relationship with Sudan Government too to supply them with security equipments and they are agent for the one of biggest documents security company based in New Zealand and we have MOU with Orange Telecom company.

Also we are the Export representative for one of the leading companies In the field of candy manufacturing, founded in 1984, commenced Production in 1987 with a capital of 900.000 L. E The increase of the Capital took place until it arrived now to 8.500.000 L. E

The company produces wafers, cream stuffed bars,(Austrian - based), Sugar plums, toffees(English - based). It also makes Almonds - sugar Plums using French method of production. The company sells in the Egyptian market and exports to Arab Countries.

The company exports its products to some countries such as U. A. E. Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kenya, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Gaza, Cyprus, Argentina, Russia And Romania.

Please, don't hesitate to send us any other inquiries you might have. We have wide business range, if you need any products and business service please contact us.
We will provide best service and high quality products with very good price. Wish our service can satisfy you and set up long term business relationship with you.

Will look forward to get promote reply from you regarding this matter.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Elharty
Managing Director

Products by Mariam Group

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Mariam Group,
Mr. Mohamed Elharty,
Managing Director,
62 Cleopatra St,.,
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