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What we do

Comesatradehub is a business development company that specialises in providing expert services to export/import-oriented companies, enabling them to: Attract buyers & Source Competitively within regional and international markets.

How we do it - "ExportAssist Program"

We enable you, our clients, to Attract buyers & Source competitively through our "ExportAssist Program" - which takes a three-pronged approach incorporating Offline (Permanent Trade Exhibition Center), Print ("Made In COMESA" publication) & Online Services (Comesatradehub Portal).

With Comesatradehub you will find a platform that has been designed following world-class standards in design, development, testing and implementation to create an extremely stable, scalable and advanced solution at your fingertips.

We sincerely hope ComesaTradehub will become your trusted partner - enabling you to reap the rich rewards both within COMESA and beyond. Please visit our SERVICES section to learn more.

Executive Team Bios

Julius Magala
Mr. Magala is ComesaTradehub.com's founder and is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the business. He has wide ranging experience in Software Engineering and Business Development gained from working for some of the major Software Vendors including LogicaCMGSybase and Lawson Software. Mr. Magala has a degree in Accounting & Economics from Reading University (UK) and a Masters degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design from City University (UK).

Dr. Maria Oruna-Concha
Dr. Oruna-Concha is a co-founder of ComesaTradehub.com and is responsible for overseeing the operational activities of the business. Although trained as a BioChemist, Dr Oruna-Concha's entreprenuerial spirit has been instrumental in developing the details of ComesaTradehub.com. Dr Concha holds a first class degree in Pharmacy and PhD in Food Science from Santiago de Compostela University (Spain) and a fellowship from Reading University (UK).

Corporate Offices
ComesaTradehub is headquarted in the United Kingdom (registration no: 5218241) and has its COMESA headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. In addition ComesaTradehub is in negotiations to open partnership sales and commercial offices in each of the COMESA member countries.

UK Office - Corporate Headquarters: Uganda Office: Kenya Office:
Comesatradehub UK Ltd Comesatradehub U Ltd Comesatradehub K Ltd
77 Quadrant Court, Jubilee Square Plot 16B, 14th Close Muyenga Tank Hill The Mirage, Westlands (Waiyaki way opposite Chiromo road)
Reading Kampala Nairobi
United Kingdom Uganda Kenya
Tel: (+44)1189311224 Tel: (+256)773230674 Tel: (+254)748368189

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